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Earlier Projects Utilizing STC Tools

STC ideas were first used in projects led by George Church and were further evoled by other research teams.

STCs served in cosmid scale sequencing by Edwards, A. and Caskey, T.C. (1991). "Closure strategies for random DNA sequencing." In Methods: A Companion to Meth. Enzymol. 3: pp. 41-47 (Academic Press, New York).

An extension to YACs was implemented by Chen, E.Y., Schlessinger, D. and Kere, J. "Ordered shotgun sequencing, a strategy for integrated mapping and sequencing of YAC clones." Genomics 17, 651-656 (1993).

In 1995 a chromosome 11 pilot project began using cosmids with a later transition to BACs. It was supported by DOE Grant DE-F603-95ER62055 to the Salk Institute with PI G. Evans, now at the University of Texas SW Medical Center.

Whole microbial genome shotgun sequencing at TIGR was complemented by cosmid STCs to establish long range order.

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