Beyond the Identification of Transcribed Sequences:
Functional and Expression Analysis

10th Annual Workshop
October 28 through October 31, 2000

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Submitted Abstracts

Catherine Andre: A 1500 Markers Radiation Hybrid Map of the Dog Genome

David L. Baillie: Comparative Genomic Analysis as a Tool in Revealing Gene Features

Giorgio Bernardi: Isochores and Chromosomal Bands

Douglas E. Bassett, Jr.: The Rosetta Resolver™ System: A Comprehensive Storage, Visualization, and Analysis Tool for High-Volume Gene Expression Data

Michael Bittner: Estimating the Reliability of Inferences Based on cDNA Microarray Ratio Data

Juergen Bode: Definition of Autonomously Regulated Chromatin Domains and Utilization of their Active Elements

Alvis Brazma: From Gene Expression Data to Gene Regulation

Anthony J Brookes: Assessing the Use of Genic SNP's for Complex Disease Analysis and Discovery of a Role for Apoptosis in Alzheimer's Disease

Jürgen Brosius: Retroposition - A Persistent and Pervasive Force in Genome Evolution

Jean-Marie Buerstedde: Identification and Characterization of Genes Involved in B-cell Specific Homologous Recombination
The DT40 Cell Line as a Genetic Model to Study Vertebrate Gene Function

Daniel C. Christophe: Cloning of DNA Sequences Encoding Proteins Targeted to the Nucleus in Transiently Transfected Cells

C. Christophe-Hobertus: Cloning and Characterization of the cDNA Encoding Brain Cell Membrane Protein 1 (BCMP1) Identifies a Novel Subclass of Four Transmembrane Proteins

Sally Cross: Screening for ENU-Induced Dominant Eye and Vision Mutants

Marc Damelin: Mapping Protein-Protein Interactions in Living Cells: Insights into the Mechanism of Nucleocytoplasmic Transport

Lars Ebert: High Throughput Subcloning of Complete Protein Coding Open Reading Frames (ORF)

Olof Emanuelsson: Predicting Subcellular Localization of Proteins Based on Their Amino Acid Sequence

Sylvia E.J. Fischer: Transposon Silencing, RNA Interference and Cosuppression in Caenorhabditis elegans

Thomas Floss: Functional Analysis of Mammalian Genes by a Large Scale Gene Trap Approach in Mouse Embryonic Stem Cells

Michel Fontes: Construction of Animal Models of Human Disorders by Injection of Large Genomic Fragment: From Function to Physiopathology and Therapy

Katheleen Gardiner: Human Chromosome 21 Gene Annotation I: Evolutionary Conservation and Organizational Features

Elizabeth R. Gavis: Dependence of Nanos mRNA Localization and Translational Control on Structure and Organization of 3'UTR Sequences

Mark Gerstein: Analyis of Genomes and Transcriptomes in terms of the Occurrence of Protein Parts and Features

Yoram Groner: Upstream and Downstream of the Human Leukemia Associated Transcription Factor RUNX1/AML1.

S. Blair Hedges: Genomic Clocks and Animal Evolution

Oliver Heil: Towards Optimized Arrays: Identification of Specific, Non-Conserved, Single Copy Sequence Fragments of all Genes and EST Clusters in Human

Anna Henger: The European Renal Biopsy cDNA Bank (ERCB): A Muticenter Study for Disease Specific mRNA Expression Analysis in Human Kidnet Biopsies

Bernhard Herrmann: Large Scale Screen for Genes Controlling Mammalian Embryogenesis

John Hesketh: The c-fos and c-myc 3’Untranslated Regions are Multi-Functional Regulatory Regions Influencing mRNA Localisation and Stability

Anja Kolb: Tissue-Specific Expression Analysis by RNA in situ Hybridisation of Mouse Genes in the Region Syntenic to Human Xq28

Bernhard Korn: Transcriptional Profiling for the Classification of Novel Natural Product Drugs

Anuj Kumar: Functional Genomics by Transposon Tagging in Yeast

Shuo Lin: Negative and Positive Regulation of Erythropoiesis

Harald von Melchner: Gene Trapping Identifies Transiently Induced Survival Genes During Programmed Cell Death

Daniel P. Morse: Adenosine Deaminases that Act on RNA Edit Non-Coding Regions of mRNAs in Both Human and C. elegans

Takahiro Nagase: Analysis of Human cDNAs Encoding Large Proteins: Towards and Beyond the Identification of Protein-Coding Transcribed Sequences

Masumi Nakazawa: Planarian Gene Expression Profiles using cDNA Chip Technology

Christine Orengo: Insights into Protein Evolution and Function from the CATH Structural Database

Xinghua Pan and Sherman M. Weissman: A Novel and High Throughput Approach for SNP Screening, Scoring and Association Analysis Using Genomic or cDNA Pools

Graziano Pesole: Analysis of Oligonucleotide AUG Start Codon Context in Eukariotic mRNAs

John Postlethwait: Mapping of Zebrafish Expressed Sequences and the Evolution of the Vertebrate Genome

Thomas Preiss: Analysis of mRNA Recruitment to Ribosomes in Eukaryotic Cells

Martin G. Reese: Computational Gene Annotation of the Genome of Drosophila melanogaster

Martin Ringwald: GXD: Integrated Access to Gene Expression Data from the Laboratory Mouse

Yikang Rong: Gene Targeting By Homologous Recombination in Drosophila

Ulrich Schäfer: Gene Functions on the X-Chromosome of Drosophila melanogaster

Thomas Schlitt and Alvis Brazma: Reverse Engineering of Gene Regulatory Networks: a Finite State Linear Model

Mathias Schmid: KIAA0537, A New Tumor Suppressor Gene Candidate, Is Inactivated in Human Brain Tumors

Michel Simonneau: Identification of Novel Genes Involved in Physiological Networks Using Differential Display RT-PCR

Dobromir Slavov: Human Chromosome 21 Gene Annotation II: Refining Gene Structures and Expression Analysis

Holger Sültmann: Gene Expression Profiling in Renal Cell Carcinoma

Eugene D. Sverdlov: Towards Understanding Functional Significance of a Great Many of Solitary LTRs in the Human Genome

Hans-Juergen Thiesen: Differential Proteome Analysis of Germ-Line Maturaturation-Dependent Proteins of C. elegans

Marc Vidal: The C. elegans Protein Interaction Mapping Project

Jaak Vilo, Alvis Brazma: Expression Profiler: An Integrated Tool for Gene Expression and Sequence Analysis

Jean Weissenbach: Searching for the Protein Coding Genes in the Human Genome Sequence

Ruth Wellenreuther: Generation of Full Length cDNA Libraries in the Course of the German Human Genome Project

Thomas Werner: In Silico Prediction of Matrix Attachment Regions in Large Genomic Sequences

Stefan Wiemann: Sequencing and Analysis of Full Length cDNAs in the German cDNA Network

Shozo Yokoyama: Molecular Genetics and Evolution of Ultraviolet Vision in Vertebrates

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