Beyond the Identification of Transcribed Sequences:
Functional, Evolutionary and Expression Analysis
12th International Workshop
October 25-28, 2002
Washington, DC

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Reconstructing and analysing gene networks from microarray data

Alvis Brazma
European Bioinformatics Institute, EMBL-EBI, Hinxton, Cambridge, CB10 1SD UNITED KINGDOM
Telephone: +44-(0)1223 494658
Fax: +44-(0)1223 494468

We discuss a variety of methods how to use genome scale gene expression data for reconstructing gene networks. In particular, we consider two types of gene networks in yeast: (1) transcription factor binding network for 37 experimentally known binding sites, and (2) the network dependencies between gene expression profiles in a dataset from yeast mutation studies. We compare these network and analyze their architectural properties. For instance, we look for 'important' genes, i.e., genes with high out-degree in the dependency graph, and genes with complex regulation, i.e., genes with high in-degree in the graph. We also study the modularity of these networks and compare gene expression with protein-protein interaction data and study their correlations.

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