Beyond the Identification of Transcribed Sequences:
Functional, Evolutionary and Expression Analysis
12th International Workshop
October 25-28, 2002
Washington, DC

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Genome-Wide Analysis of the Sequence Region Surrounding the Transcription Start Site of Human mRNAs

Michele Iacono, Carmela Gissi, Giorgio Grillo*, Flavio Mignone, Sabino Liuni and Graziano Pesole
Dipartimento di Fisiologia e Biochimica Generali, Università di Milano, Italy
Telephone: +39-02-50314915
Fax: +39-02-50314912
*Sezione di Bioinformatica e Genomica, Istituto Tecnollogie Biomediche, CNR, Bari, Italy

Gene expression is finely regulated at both the transcriptional and post-transcriptional level. Transcriptional control is mediated by transcription factors, RNA polymerase and a series of cis-acting elements located in the DNA, mostly in the core promoter region, i.e. in close proximity to the transcription start site (TSS).

The recent availability of the human genome draft as well as of a very large number of full length transcript sequences makes now possible to carry out an extensive and systematic study of the genomic context of the TSS.

We present here a comprehensive sequence analysis of the sequence region spanning from –500 to +100 with respect to the TSS of human genes to investigate the frequency of TATA-box, Inr and CpG islands also in correlation to their expression pattern. Furthermore, through the application of pattern discovery algorithms we searched for novel sequence elements, particularly downstream the TSS, possibly involved in transcription regulation.

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List of Abstracts * Speakers * Organizers * Authors * Original Announcement

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