Exceptional Chromosome Regions Workshop I




May 15, 2000

7:30 Continental Breakfast

8:30 Workshop begins,. Chairs are Robert Moyzis and Julie Korenberg

Presentations will each be about 20 minutes long, with 10 minutes of following discussion.
* indicate remote participation, subject to time changes.

Status of human centromeric regions
R. Moyzis

Chromosome 16&19 centromeric regions and short arms.
EE. Eichler

Duplications revealed by FISH analyses of BACs/PACs
J. Korenberg

10:30 Coffee break

Arabidopsis centromers
G. Copenhaver

* Drosophila centromeric regions.
G. Karpen

Optical Mapping across ECR
D. Schwartz

12:00 Lunch

1PM Technologies session

cDNA candidates for centromeric regions
J. Quackenbush

Triplex probe technologies
Jacques Fresco

* PCR of chromosomal regions
J. Tucker

2:30 Coffee break

Cloning human centromeric DNAs
N. Kouprina & V. Larionov

* Sequencing difficult regions
J. Dunn

3:30 Round table discussion

5 PM Adjourn

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