Exceptional Chromosome Regions II




Integration of Telomere Sequences with the Draft Human Genome Sequence
Robert K. Moyzis

Status Report on Gap Closure of the Human Chromosome 5 BAC Map
Steve Lowry, Joel Martin, Duncan Scott, and Jan-Fang Cheng

Exploring TAR cloning for isolation and analysis of exceptional regions of human genome
Natalay Kouprina, Carl Barrett, and Vladimir Larionov

Segmental Duplications: Organization and Impact Within the Current Assembly
Jeffrey A. Bailey, Amy M. Yavor, Julie E. Horvath, Barbara Trask, and Evan E. Eichler

Chromosome 16 Mapping Data Resources
Robert D. Sutherland, Cliff S. Han and Norman A. Doggett

Gap Closing of Chromosome 16 with Unigene Sequences
Cliff Han and Norman Doggett

Chromosome 19: Sequencing Status and Remaining Problem Regions
Anne Olsen

Challenges to Human Genome Sequencing: Not so Cryptic Duplications and the Genomic Abyss
Julie R. Korenberg, Xiao-Ning Chen, Pranay Bhattacharyya

An HGP Program Perspective
Marvin Stodolsky

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