6th International Workshop
on the Identification of Transcribed Sequences

October 3-5, 1996 Edinburgh, Scotland

Poster Titles

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Identification and characterization of human and murine homologs of Drosophila eye mutant genes
S. Banfi(1), G. Borsani(1), A. Bulfone(1), L. Bernard(1), F. Rubboli(1), A. Marchitiello(1), M. Zollo(1), O. Zuffardi(2,3), A. Ballabio(1,4).

Identification of genes involved in haemopoietic stem cell self-renewal and commitment
Sarah Baxendale, Lynne Hampson, Ian N. Hampson and T. Michael Dexter

Transcript mapping in a gene-poor region of the human X-chromosome
Brooksbank, R.A., Coffey, A.J., Cahn, A.P., Rhodes, S., Vaudin, M., Howell, G.R, Micklem, G., King, A., Durham, J., Bye, J.M., Dunham, A., Ross, M.T. and Bentley, D.R.

Physical mapping and identification of expressed transcripts within the region of 13Q14.3 commonly deleted in B-cell chronic lymphocytic leukemia
Martin M. Corcoran, Roman Mullenbach, Rachel E. Ibbotson, Anne Gardiner and David G. Oscier

Gene identification in polygenic disease
Roger D. Cox

Transcriptional mapping of chromosome 16p12.3-12.2
Treasa A. Creavin(1), Jaimie A, Greenham(1), Norman A. Doggett(2), Sara E. Mole(1)

Strain-specific expression of selenium binding protein genes (Lpsb) in mice
Laura de Gregorio, Manuela Gariboldi, Giacomo Manenti, F. Stefania Falvella, Manuela Rota, Marco A. Pierotti, and Tommaso A. Dragani

Transcriptional mapping of human chromosome 16p12.1
Jaimie Greenham

Rapid identification of fragments of human transcripts from a defined chromosomal region: Representational Difference Analysis of somatic cell hybrids
Peter C. Groot and Bernard A. van Oost

Motif capture: Isolation and characterization of large cDNA families with GeneTrapper, zinc fingers, CAG repeats, SH2 domains, RNP1 domains
Christian Gruber(1), Wu-Bo Li(1), Joel A. Jessee(1), Kevin G. Becker(2), Wayne D.L. Bentham(2), James W. Nagle(2), Ameer Gado(2), and William E. Biddison(2)

Automating the TOGA method
K.W. Hasel(1), B. Hilbush(1), D. Seto(1), P. Miller(1), and J.G. Sutcliffe(2)

Towards positional cloning of the mouse high growth (hg) gene
Simon Horvat, Roslin Institute, Edinburgh, Scotland, and Jaun F. Medrano, Dept. of Animal Science, University of California, Davis, Davis, CA 95616.

CpG islands are concentrated on chicken microchromosomes
Heather A. McQueen, Giorgia Siriaco, Sally H. Cross, and Adrian P. Bird

Exon-trapping in a region of the mouse Y chromosome critical for spermatogenesis
Michael Mitchell

Isolation of transcribed sequences from microdissected chromosomal regions
S. Pickering, J. Morten, M. Finnegan, and R. Anand

Isolation and characterization of transcribed sequences from a 1Mbp meningioma candidate region on human chromosome 22q12
Myriam Peyrard

Transcript mapping in a "gene-rich" region in human chromosome 13q12-q13 containing the breast cancer susceptibility gene BRCA2
Susan Rhodes(1), Alan Ashworth(2), Laurent Baron(1), Andrew Futreal(3), Pieter de Jong(4), Simon Gregory(1), Gos Micklem(1), Catherine Rice(1), Michael Stratton(2), Richard Wooster(1), and David Bentley(1)

Functional test of ESTs encoding probable signal sequences for secretion and surface display
Babru Samal

Gene mapping at the Canadian Genome Analysis & Technology Program (CGAT) Resource Facility
S. Scherer(1), J. Huizenga(1), J. Herbrick(1), S. Soder(1), G. Traverso(1), B. Beattie(2), J. Squire(2), C. Wu(3), P. de Jong(3), Y.J. Kang(4), U. Sohn(4) and L.-C. Tsui(1)

Chemical Cross-linking Subtraction: a subtractive screening procedure that does not require separation or amplification
Joanne M. Walter(1), Maxine Belfield(1), Ian N. Hampson(2), Christopher A. Read(1).