TRANSCRIPTOME 2002: From Functional Genomics to Systems Biology
March 10-13, 2002
Seattle, Washington, USA


Transcription Profiling of Cell Death in Drosophila Melanogaster

S. Chittaranjan, E. Garland, D. Freeman, S. Jones, M. Marra, and S. Gorski, Genome Sequence Centre BC Cancer Agency, Vancouver, CANADA

Programmed Cell death - PCD - is a highly conserved and genetically controlled event that plays important roles in animal development, homeostasis and disease. We are employing a genomics approach, using EST and SAGE, to identify new PCD genes that are transciptionally regulated in the salivary glands - SGs - of Drosophila. We constructed a SG-specific cDNA library and SG-miniSAGE libraries from three consecutive developmental stages leading up to PCD.5461 high quality 3 ESTs from our SG cDNA library were used to perform BLAST analysis against Drosophila predicted genes and genomic sequence from the Drosophila Genome Project. The majority of the ESTs matched known or predicted genes in Drosophila including a number of ecdysone-induced genes and known PCD genes. We also identified a significant number of putative new genes not determined by gene prediction programs. SAGE tags derived from the SAGE libraries were matched to our Drosophila constructed transcripts database that incorporates our SG EST data; E.Garland et al. Comparison of the first 40,000 SAGE tags from each miniSAGE library indicated differential expression for some known PCD genes and for many uncharacterized genes. Expression profiling data and verification data using real time quantitative RT-PCR will be presented.

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