cDNA Informatics

Department of Energy Human Genome Program
Contractor-Grantee Workshop IV
Santa Fe, NM; November 13-17, 1994

The Expressed Gene Anatomy Database (EGAD) project
Chris Fields, Owen White, Carol Bult, Mark D. Adams, and Anthony R. Kerlavage

Identification, organization and analysis of mammalian repetitive DNA
Jerzy Jurka

A Syntactic Pattern Recognition System for DNA Sequences
David Searls

Prediction of Coding Regions in Genomic DNA: Optimal and Suboptimal Parses
Eric E. Snyder and Gary D. Stormo

Gene Recognition, Modeling, and Homology Search in the GRAlL-genQuest System
Manesh Shah, J. Ralph Einstein, Sherri Matis, Ying Xu, Xiaojun Guan, Donna Buley, Sergey Petrov, Loren Hauser, Richard J. Mural, and Edward C. Uberbacher

Biological evaluation of d ^ 2: an algorithm for high performance novel DNA sequence functional assignment.
Winston Hide, John Burke and Daniel Davison

Analysis and Annotation of Nucleic Acid Sequence
David J. States, Ron Cytron, Pankaj Agarwal and Hugh Chou