Oak Ridge National Laboratory’s Sustainable Transportation Program (STP) brings together science and technology experts from across scientific disciplines to partner with government and industry in addressing transportation challenges. STP leverages ORNL research capabilities like analytical chemistry, neutron imaging, high performance computing, and 3-D printing to make passenger and freight vehicles¬† safer, cleaner, more efficient,¬† and more affordable.¬† Current research is focused on developing knowledge and technologies that reduce US dependence on foreign oil, benefit the environment, boost America’s economy, and improve national energy security.

To meet these goals, the STP research program pursues an “all of the above” strategy that includes:

  • accelerating widespread use of electric vehicles powered by batteries and fuel cells,
  • increasing the efficiency of all types of vehicles through lighter materials and advanced combustion and powertrain technologies,
  • enabling widespread use of cleaner fuels such as renewable biofuels and natural gas, and
  • collecting, analyzing, and disseminating data to support efficient commercial fleet operation, intelligent systems, congestion management, and informed decision-making.

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