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With support from the US Department of Energy, Oak Ridge National Laboratory and XALT Energy are partnering to develop high performing, safe batteries for electric vehicles and other applications. ORNL has worked with XALT (previously Dow Kokam) for the past nine years, accelerating the development of their energy storage technologies.

ORNL partners with XALT in the areas of electrochemical and microstructural analysis, in-line quality control process development, raw material characterization, component processing, and electrode prototyping. The collaboration has yielded improved electrode structure and performance as well as optimization of manufacturing processes.

A new coating technology developed jointly by ORNL and XALT increases battery energy density so that Formula E race cars that currently last only half the race at 140 mph could power through the whole race to the finish line at 160 mph. This new technology could be on the race track as early as October 2017.

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Goals of the DOE Battery Manufacturing R&D Facility

Build a domestic supply chain and create domestic jobs

Advance manufacturing science and production yield

Improve battery performance and safety

Reduce costs of battery production to meet consumer needs

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ORNL is giving US manufacturers a boost by operating the country’s largest open-access battery manufacturing research and development center. The DOE Battery Manufacturing R&D Facility provides scientists the ability to analyze every aspect of battery production, from raw materials to finished product.

XALT lithium-ion energy storage technology is creating new jobs in the United States by manufacturing batteries in Michigan to power electric buses.

How safe are these batteries?

ORNL and XALT focus on safety and performance in developing new energy storage technologies. Watch this video to see Formula E driver Nick Heidfeld walk away from a spectacular crash with the battery still intact and operational.

XALT Energy emerged from the former Dow Kokam to become an innovator in energy storage technologies based on the advanced lithium ion chemistry that has been a market leader for more than 15 years. XALT is capable of handling virtually any energy storage need, anywhere in the world, from a highly automated advanced production facility in Midland, Michigan.

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"The support from partners like the DOE and ORNL reinforces the strength of our R&D strategy. The demand for advanced battery solutions is growing; our collaboration with the US government and technology institutions is an essential complement to our in-house R&D capabilities."

Dennis Townsend, Chairman
XALT Energy