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4 Wednesday, June 4, 2014 DMRG++ Mentioned in MateriApps

4 Wednesday, June 4, 2014 Talk Computing Correlated Electrons: Roadmap and Roadblocks Presented at APS March Meeting 2014 on March 4, 2014

CNMS Form in LaTeX


Please follow all instructions at cnms.ornl.gov. The official form.
This form is unofficial. Write to gz1 at ornl dot gov if there are problems or you have suggestions. Latest change was 02/05/2015.


  1. Download the files listed in the section below.
  2. Run pdflatex cnmsUserProposalTeX.tex
  3. Check that your pdf looks this
  4. Complete input.tex to enter your data for page 1
  5. Prepare your proposal by completing the other pages in cnmsUserProposalTeX.tex. Check boxes by replacing uncheckedbox with checkedbox
  6. Rerun pdflatex cnmsUserProposalTeX.tex