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Jeffrey A. Holmes

USPAS Accelerator Fundamentals

Introduction and Schedule

Class Lectures

Lecture 1a, Introduction to Accelerators
Lecture 1b, Relativity, Maxwell's Equations, Coordinate Systems
Lecture 2, Magnetic Fields and Magnet Design
Lecture 3, Particle Acceleration
Lecture 4, RF Acceleration in Linacs 1
Lecture 5, RF Acceleration in Linacs 2
Lecture 6, Transverse Beam Optics 1
Lecture 7, Transverse Beam Optics 2
Lecture 8, Off-Momentum Effects and Longitudinal Dynamics in Rings
Lecture 9a, Synchrotron Radiation
Lecture 9b, Collective Effects

Lab and Computer Assignments

Lab and Computer Assignments
RF Cavity Lab Details
Lab and Computer Assignment Details

Homework Assignments

Monday, Week 1
Tuesday, Week 1
Wednesday, Week 1
Thursday, Week 1
Friday, Week 1
Monday, Week 2
Tuesday, Week 2
Wednesday, Week 2