Desktop PC Version of Enhanced Mark VII HPDM with Excel Input Data Key and Template

A PC/DOS executable version of an enhanced Mark VII version of the ORNL HPDM is provided here for download (link).

This version has the capabilities of the Mark VII Web model plus

  1. Two-, multiple-, or variable-speed capability (as described in the Mark IV Modulating Heat Pump Model, ORNL/CON-343),
  2. Fluted tube-in-tube heat exchanger capability with water, glycols, and brines (link),
  3. Capability to specify refrigerant mixture compositions for system analysis,
  4. Dehumidifier and ventilation air capability (link),
  5. Evaporative condenser precooling option, and
  6. Many additional design parametric and control options.

An Excel input data key and template file is included to provide guidance for the input selections and to allow users to auto-generate the HPDATA.DAT and PARAMS.DAT text files required by the PC/DOS executable. A number of sample files and test cases are provided for both air- and water-source heat pump setups. Both interactive and batch versions of the model are included. A summary user documentation can be seen here (link).

NOTE!  There is also a new Flex version of the ORNL HPDM that can be used on the Web or downloaded for use on desktop PCs. This version can be used to model a wide variety of heat pump configurations and incorporates components of Mark VII as well as a number of new component models. It has a different I/O interface from the Mark VII model to enable more flexible application to a wide range of heat pump designs. A presentation on this new version can be found at the following link (Flex HPDM presentation).