Shih-Chieh Kao, Ph.D.




Dr. Shih-Chieh Kao

Senior Research Staff

Environmental Sciences Division

Oak Ridge National Laboratory

P.O. Box 2008, MS-6038

Oak Ridge, TN 37831-6038, USA


Phone: (865) 576-1259



December, 2021 - Paper accepted by Journal of Hydrology - Relative Contribution of Anthropogenic Warming and Natural Climate Variability to Changes in Compound Drought and Heatwaves

October, 2021 - Paper accepted by Journal of Hydrology - Evaluating Precipitation, Streamflow, and Inundation Forecasting Skills During Extreme Weather Events: A Case Study for An Urban Watershed

September, 2021 - Paper accepted by Biological Conservation - A Heuristic Tool to Assess Regional Impacts of Renewable Energy Infrastructure on Conservation Areas

July, 2021 - Paper accepted by Journal of Hydrology - Accounting for Uncertainty in Complex Alluvial Aquifer Modeling by Bayesian Multi-Model Approach

June, 2021 - Paper accepted by Nature Scientific Data - Gridded Daily Weather Data for North America with Comprehensive Uncertainty Quantification: Daymet Version 4

May, 2021 - Paper accepted by Environmental Research Communications - Shifts in Hydroclimatology of U.S. Megaregions in Response to Climate Change

May, 2021 - Paper accepted by Energy - A Multi-Reservoir Model for Projecting Drought Impacts on Thermoelectric Disruption Risk Across the Texas Power Grid

May, 2021 - Paper accepted by Earth's Future - Climate Change and Changes in Compound Coastal-Riverine Flooding Hazard Along the U.S. Coasts

April, 2021 - Paper accepted by Natural Hazards and Earth System Sciences - Assessing Climate Change-Induced Flood Risk in the Conasauga River Watershed: An Application of Ensemble Hydrodynamic Inundation Modeling

March, 2021 - Paper accepted by Environmental Modelling and Software - TRITON: A Multi-GPU Open Source 2D Hydrodynamic Flood Model


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