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adevs::rv Class Reference

#include <adevs_rand.h>

Public Member Functions

 rv (unsigned long seed=1)
 Create a random variable with the default implementation.
 rv (random_seq *rand)
 rv (const rv &src)
 Copy constructor relies on copy method of underlying stream.
const rvoperator= (const rv &src)
 Assignment operator relies on copy method of underlying stream.
void set_seed (unsigned long seed)
 See the random number generator implementation.
unsigned long next_long ()
 Get a raw value from the underlying random number generator.
double triangular (double a, double b, double c)
double uniform (double a, double b)
 Sample a uniform distribution in the range [a, b].
double normal (double m, double s)
double exponential (double a)
double hyperexponential (double p, double a, double b)
double laplace (double a)
double chisquare (unsigned int n)
double student (unsigned int n)
double lognormal (double a, double b)
double erlang (unsigned int n, double a)
double gamma (double a, double b)
double beta (double a, double b)
double fdistribution (unsigned int n, unsigned int m)
double poisson (double a)
double geometric (double p)
double hypergeometric (unsigned int m, unsigned int n, double p)
double weibull (double a, double b)
double binomial (double p, unsigned int n)
double negativebinomial (double p, unsigned int n)
double triangular (double a)
int probability (double p)
double lngamma (double xx)
 ~rv ()

Detailed Description

The rv class provides a random variable based on a selectable implementation. By default, this implementation is crand.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

adevs::rv::rv ( random_seq rand)

Create a random variable with the desired implementation. The implementation class is adopted by the rv.

Member Function Documentation

double adevs::rv::exponential ( double  a)

An assortment of other random variable types contributed by Alex Cave (who, at the time, was with the Intelligent Systems Automation Group in the School of Engineering at Deakin University).

double adevs::rv::normal ( double  m,
double  s 

Sample a normally distributed random variable with mean m and standard deviation s.

double adevs::rv::triangular ( double  a,
double  b,
double  c 

Sample a triangular distribution with minimum a, maximum b, and mode c.

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