Adevs: User manual and API documentation

The adevs (A Discrete EVent system Simulator) library supports the construction of discrete event models using the Parallel DEVS formalism. In addition to basic and network Parallel DEVS models, adevs includes support for dynamic structure models based on the Dynamic DEVS formalism. Several good texts are available for those who are not already familiar with DEVS in one of its many forms (see for an extensive collection of tutorials, research papers, and alternate implementations of the DEVS formalism). This manual provides a brief and, I hope, intuitive introduction to DEVS. The source code for examples included in this manual can be found examples directory.

This manual has two parts: the API documentation and the user manual. The user manual is available as an HTML document or as a PDF file.

For users who want more information on the concepts underlying this simulation software, the bibliography below is a good place to start:

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