Straw Bale Wall Test - ORNL FAQ

Click HERE to see the raw data text file.
Data were uploaded into this file every 15 minutes during the test.

Rolling wall into hot box - ORNL Rotatable guarded hot box (ASTM C 0236)- ORNL
     The BTC uses a rotatable guarded hot box (ASTM C 0236) to perform this type of experimentation. The test wall is constructed in a special 13 by 10 ft. frame, temperature sensors are placed on both surfaces of the wall, and the wall is allowed to dry for 30 days. The test wall is then rolled into the hot box and the two chambers of the hot box are closed and sealed [ VIDEO 14.4 | 56K ]. The two hot box chambers are controlled at temperatures representing the climate and building interior. Instrumentation within the hot box transmits data to a computer that analyses and processes the information into final results.

     Testing took place in May. It took longer than the expected thirty days for the wall to cure (internal humidity reach an acceptable level).

     Click HERE to see the raw data text file.

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