Number 17 July 2000

Path forward
Mine detecting technology winsDiscover Award
Study probes airborne mercury's effects
ORNL adds trio of R&D 100s to record
Lab Notes
  • Baker recalls: 'Take my word for it'
  • Supercomputing: 'Push harder'
  • Tick-tock
  • Bill Manly get his Ph.D.
Star performer
BTC to monitor energy efficient Habitat for Humanity homes
I&E 'satisfactory'; there's work to do
United Way campaign starts this month
Officials, rowers greet UT-Battelle tower gift merrily, merrily, merrily
Special Accident Plan revised, premiums on summer break
Call out for AMSE Awards
Awards Night nominations due July 19
First collisions at RHIC good news for ORNL's PHENIX collaborators
ORNL people

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