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Human Genome News Archive Edition

Human Genome News, September 1994; 6(3):11

Retrieve New Medline Citations from GDB Via FTP

Each month MEDLINE citations relevant to human gene mapping are loaded into the Genome Data Base (GDB). MEDLINE scanning is a joint project of GDB and Sue Povey's group at University College London.

Three types of files summarizing citation information are available from the ftp server in the /litaware directory. Due to space considerations, only the most recent 12 months of files are kept on this server; please contact if earlier files are needed. The date is given in YYMM format, as follows (filenames are case sensitive):

  • Date back.out and Date mapp.out files, respectively, contain background and mapping references that are relevant to human chromosome loci as indexed by MEDLINE in the specified month.
  • Date list.out files contain numerical references for citations listed in the back.out and mapp.out files, grouped by chromosome.

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