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Human Genome News Archive Edition

Human Genome Quarterly, Summer 1989; 1(2)

Radiation Research Society Annual Meeting

Human Genome Effort to Benefit Radiation Biology Research
Benjamin J. Barnhart, Manager of the Department of Energy (DOE) Human Genome Program, emphasized the significance of DOE's program to the radiation biology community during his address at the Radiation Research Society's annual meeting held March 19-23 in Seattle. In his overview of the program, Barnhart pointed out that the program has as its basis the mission that DOE and its predecessor agencies have maintained for over four decades: to investigate the potential health effects of energy-related radiations and chemicals and to use DOE's unique laboratory capabilities to benefit society.

Barnhart went on to report that with its aim of developing the resources and technologies needed to characterize the human genome at the molecular level, the program is already providing some state-of-the-art biological and computational resources and technologies that facilitate studies of the genetic effects of environmental insults.

Many scientific presentations at the meeting, according to Barnhart, described research that will benefit from results of the multidisciplinary study of the human genome. These benefits would include the availability of:

  • fluorescent-tagged DNA probes for cytogenetic analyses,
  • large stretches of DNA sequence information for use in investigating molecular changes resulting from radiation exposures at very low doses, and
  • extensive sequence data for use in studies of genetic rearrangements in radiation-induced diseases and in the analysis of the expression of radiation-altered genes such as oncogenes and tumor suppressor genes.


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