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Human Genome Quarterly, Winter 1990; 1(3)

Robert Moyzis Named Director of LANL Center for Human Genome Studies

Robert K. Moyzis was named Director of the Center for Human Genome Studies at LANL in August 1989. In this capacity, he will also serve on the Human Genome Coordinating Committee (HGCC) of the DOE Human Genome Program. Moyzis replaced George I. Bell, Acting Director of the Center, whom he also replaced on the HGCC. Bell has returned to his management and research activities in the Theoretical Division at LANL.

Before his appointment as Director, Moyzis had served for 5 years as head of the LANL Genetics Group. He led the LANL physical mapping effort on chromosome 16 and received a Distinguished Performance Award from LANL for identifying and isolating the highly conserved functional human telomere-the region of DNA located at the ends of each human chromosome. This discovery, which resulted from Moyzis' research, enables biologists to determine how and where chromosomes end and will provide physical orientation in constructing maps of the human genome.

Moyzis received his doctoral degree in molecular biology from the Johns Hopkins University in 1978. He graduated from Northeastern Illinois University in 1971 with degrees in biology and chemistry.

His memberships include the Human Genome Organisation, the American Association for the Advancement of Science, the Genetics Society, the American Chemical Society, and the American Society for Human Genetics. He is also an adjunct professor in the Cell Biology Department of the Cancer Research Center at the University of New Mexico.


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