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Human Genome News, September 1990; 2(3)

CEPH Resolution Adopted by PACHG

At its June 18 meeting, the NIH PACHG passed a resolution to express appreciation to CEPH for contributions to the genome project effort and the hope that CEPH will continue to play a role in this important initiative. Following is the text of the resolution:

In the context of the genetic mapping effort, the Advisory Committee particularly recognizes the continuing participation of the CEPH in Paris. Their collection of mapping family resources and provision of DNA and data services to facilitate consensus map construction constitute the premier example of productive, long-term, and truly international collaboration. The committee notes with appreciation CEPH's interest in continuing their contributions using mainly internal and French government funds as well as their cooperation in making cell lines and genotypes available in a timely way. The committee appreciates CEPH's interest in furthering collaboration by expanding family resources and data services. It makes much easier and faster the large task of making a better, more generally useful genetic map.

CEPH Public Database Issued

CEPH, which intends to coordinate internationally the production of primary consortium maps for each human chromosome, recently announced the availability of the first issue of the CEPH public database, containing 799 genetic markers. The database contains genotypes for all genetic markers, mostly DNA polymorphisms, that have been tested and contributed to CEPH as of January 1, 1990, including those used in construction of the CEPH consortium map of chromosome 10 [Genomics 6: 393-412, 575-577 (1990)]. To receive the database, available on a 5.25-in. disk, and a book of LOD scores and recombination-frequency estimates for syntenic markers in the database, write to CEPH; 27 rue Juliette Dodu; 75010 Paris, France.


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