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Human Genome News, November 1990; 2(4)

HUGO Americas Drafts Memorandum

The HUGO Americas ad hoc physical mapping advisory committee met in San Francisco on July 27 to formulate plans for HUGO Americas' approach to NIH and DOE for possible funding. The committee's memorandum stated that some desirable physical mapping roles for HUGO would be to:

  • coordinate efforts on a chromosome-by-chromosome basis to minimize cost and promote sharing,
  • coordinate HUGO efforts with Human Genome Mapping Workshop activities, and
  • help select appropriate individuals to organize workshops and provide incentives for them to work through HUGO.

The memorandum states that HUGO would select or approve workshop chairs and assist in fund-raising and in organizing and running the meetings. The memorandum also established the following policies concerning workshops:

  • Attendees are expected to share data and samples.
  • Consensus data will go into a publicly accessible database.
  • Workshops will deal with both genetic and physical data and be broadly representative of all ongoing work on the chromosome of interest.
  • Scientists participating in international chromosome meetings will need to secure travel funds from sources in their own countries, except in unusual circumstances.
  • A committee will be established to oversee the single chromosome mapping workshops officially sponsored by HUGO.

All three regional components of HUGO (Americas, Asia, and Europe) will probably organize workshops under HUGO sponsorship. To help HUGO Americas get started, the committee developed a proposal of policies and procedures for organizing workshops. The committee also drew up a tentative list of high-priority chromosome meetings likely to be held in the United States in the next 18 months.


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