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Human Genome News Archive Edition

Human Genome News, July 1991; 3(2)

Genome Publications

As time and space permit, Human Genome News will publish information about selected books and journals that may be of interest to our readers. This is not a comprehensive list, and announcements will be taken from material at hand. We welcome news from authors and publishers about new and upcoming publications relevant to genome research.

Human Gene Mapping 10.5, Cytogenetics and Cell Genetics, Volume 55, Nos. 1-4 (1990), is a 786-page special issue devoted to the proceedings of the Oxford conference held September 5-10, 1990. The status of each human chromosome and other aspects of chromosome mapping are organized in a consistent format in individual chapters. [United States: S. Karger Publishers; P.O. Box 529; Farmington, CT 06085; 203/675-7834, Fax: 203/675-7302. Europe: S. Karger AG, Allschwilerstrasse 10 P.O. Box, CH-4009 Basel, Switzerland; (Int.) 41/61-306-1111, Fax: 41/61-306-1234.

Genetic Maps (Fifth Edition), edited by Stephen J. O'Brien (National Cancer Institute), furnishes comprehensive comparative data on the genetic organization of different species. The new edition is published in two formats: a series of six paperback books, each containing a variety of genetic maps from one group of organisms ($27 per book); and a clothbound reference volume that includes the complete collection of maps from all 129 species listed. 1990, $150. [Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory; Fulfillment Department, LM90; 10 Skyline Drive; Plainview, NY 11803-9729; United States, except New York State: 1/800/843-4388; all other locations: 516/367-8423; Fax: 516/367-8432.]

Shaping Genes: Ethics, Law, and Science of Using Genetic Technology in Medicine and Agriculture by Darryl R. J. Macer (University of Tsukuba, Japan) contains chapters on such topics as general ethical concerns, medical ethics, animal rights, applied genetic engineering, genetic screening and selection, human gene therapy, human genetic engineering, selective human breeding, and bioethics for the future. 1990, United States, $18; United Kingdom, £10. [Eubios Ethics Institute; 31 Colwyn Street; Christchurch, New Zealand or P.O. Box 125, Tsukubagakuen; Ibaraki 305, Japan.]

Computer Applications for Molecular Biologists, Volume 1, a 77-page handbook of biotechnology software reports, contains useful microcomputing information. The book's reviews of programs and comprehensive software packages that focus on a single problem can serve as a guide for anyone planning to purchase laboratory software. Complete names and addresses of manufacturers and suppliers are provided. 1991, $45. [Mary Ann Liebert, Inc.; 1651 Third Avenue; New York, NY 10128; 1/800/654-3238 or 212/289-2300.]

The following four books are available from Academic Press, Book Marketing Department; 1250 Sixth Avenue; San Diego, CA 92101-4311; United States and Canada, 1/800/321-5068; Fax: 1/800/235-0256.

PCR Protocols: A Guide to Methods and Applications, edited by Michael A. Innis, David H. Gelfand, and John J. Sninsky (Cetus Corporation) and Thomas J. White (Hoffmann-LaRoche, Inc.), is a 482-page laboratory manual for making PCR work. 1990, comb-bound, $39.95; casebound, $79.

Molecular Biology Labfax (1991), edited by T. A. Brown (University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology), is one of a series of books that bring together key data for a major subject in a single volume. The detailed compendium contains information on bacteria and bacteriophages, chemicals and reagents, radiochemicals, restriction and methylation, DNA and RNA modifying enzymes, cloning vectors, genomes and genes, electrophoresis, hybridization analysis, centrifugation, and safety. 322 pages. 1991, $49.95.

Recombinant DNA Methodology, edited by Ray Wu (Cornell University), Lawrence Grossman (Johns Hopkins University), and Kivie Moldave (University of California, Santa Cruz) is a 760-page volume in the Selected Methods in Enzymology series. 1989, comb-bound, $49.95.

Recombinant DNA Laboratory Manual, by Judith W. Zyskind and Sanford I. Bernstein (San Diego State University). 195 pages. 1989, comb-bound, $24.95.


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