Human Genome News, November 1991; 3(4)

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Accessing GDB and OMIM on the Welch Medical Library Computer

SprintNet Access

Hardware Options

  • IBM-compatible PC (at least 512 K of RAM if using WelComm).
  • Apple Macintosh (512, XL, 512e, Plus, SE, or II).
  • Terminal (at least a VT100; to use GDB function keys, VT220 is required).

Communications Software Options

  • WelComm for PC or Macintosh.
  • Commercially available communications software.


  • Hayes-compatible if using WelComm software.
  • Local SprintNet phone number corresponding to modem speed is available from SprintNet customer service (800/336-0437).

The SprintNet address of the Welch Library computer is 30155030.

Internet Access

Hardware and Communications Options

  • Terminal, PC, Macintosh computer, or Sun workstation with terminal emulation capabilities of VT100, VT220, or VT320 series.

Internet Connection Options

  • Direct connection to Internet.
  • Connection through host machine to Internet.

Telnet Software Options

  • Direct connection through the public-domain software package: NCSA Telnet for PC or Macintosh.
  • Connection through host machine using other Telnet version.

The Internet address of the Welch Library computer is or

GDB Staff

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