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Human Genome News Archive Edition

Human Genome News, March 1992; 3(6)

Distribution Information on Genomic Map Design

Genomic Map Design (GMD) software programs for designing contig mapping experiments are now available. The three FORTRAN programs for generating the tables described in Fu et al.* will be e-mailed on request; each is accompanied by a documentation file explaining the program's use. Requests may be made via the Internet address below:


These programs also have been incorporated into a DNA sequence analysis package and can be accessed directly on the Biological Sequence/Structure Computational Facility (BS/SCF). Use the following address to request a BS/SCF guest account:


Questions about the programs may be directed to the author, Yun-Xin Fu:

  • fu&

*The theory on which GMD is based is described in Y.-X. Fu, W.E. Timberlake and J. Arnold, "On the Design of Genome Mapping Experiments Using Short Synthetic Oligonucleotides," Biometrics (in press). The article may not appear until 1993. For a preprint, contact Jonathan Arnold; Genetics Department; University of Georgia; Athens, GA 30602; Internet: Any published use of these programs whould cite the above reference.

EST Database

A complete database report containing all available information on some 2500 human expressed sequence tags (ESTs) has been developed at the NIH National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke. It is now accessible by anonymous file transfer protocol (ftp) from Contained in the report are EST sequences, putative identifications, database search results, and available map positions, clone insert lenghts, and GenBank® and Genome Data Base accession numbers. The report also lists American Type Culture Collection catalog numbers for the ESTs reported in Adams et al., Science 252, 1651 (1991) and Adams et al., Nature 355, 632 (1992). [Contact: Anthony Kerlavage, 301/496-8800, Internet:]


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