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Human Genome News Archive Edition

Human Genome News, November 1992; 4(4)

GDB 5.0 Data Conversion Aids for Software Developers

When GDB version 5.0 is released, the FTP server flat files and the SQL server database (both generated weekly from the online GDB) will reflect the 5.0 format. To help developers test programs for converting from 4.2 to 5.0 format, GDB plans to set up two new FTP directories containing flat files with equivalent data in two formats:

  • GDB 4.2 data at time of conversion and
  • GDB 5.0 data just after conversion.

The README file in the top-level directory will describe the location of these new test files.

A second SQL server containing 4.2 data at the time of conversion will also be available. Information about this test server will be sent via e-mail to everyone with an SQL account.

The test files and server will be accessible for 3 months. Developers interested in obtaining the 5.0 schema and accompanying data dictionary should contact GDB User Support in Baltimore.


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