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Human Genome News, November 1993: 5(4)

GDB/Accessor Available for Macintosh

GDB/Accessor is a Macintosh program for accessing GDB and related genetic databases on the Internet. The software was developed and is maintained by Corprew Reed and Tom Marr (both at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory) in cooperation with GDB.

The program, which has a typical Macintosh ''look and feel,'' uses multiple windows and allows the user to carry out the following tasks:

  • Define GDB searches for locus, map, and probe information.
  • Choose loci, maps, or probes for inclusion in a report generated directly on the Macintosh.
  • Design reports by selecting data content and format.
  • Review reports on the screen.
  • Manipulate text (save, print, cut, paste).
  • Define direct searches and use cross references to retrieve GDB-related data from sequence, disease, and mouse databases on the Internet.

The software is designed to run without loss of functionality under System 6 or 7. No database logins or e-mail addresses are needed. Minimum requirements are stated below.

For Either System

  • MacTCP Version 1.0 or above (MacTCP Version 1.1.1 recommended),
  • About 600 K to store the program, documentation, and configuration files,
  • About 1.5 MB of free memory, and
  • At least 640 by 480 screen resolution (13-in. monitor or larger).

For System 6

  • System software 6.0.4 or above (Version 6.0.8 recommended) and
  • At least 2 MB of RAM to run under Finder and 2.5 MB under MultiFinder.

For System 7

  • System software 7.0 or above and
  • At least 4 MB of RAM.

GDB/Accessor is available at no cost via anonymous ftp:


DIRECTORY: pub/mac/accessor, and

FILES:accessor.sit.hqx (program in stuffed, BinHex format) and accessor.readme (converting BinHex file into Macintosh application).

Users with appropriate hardware but without ftp access should contact GDB User Support for alternate means of obtaining software (see address above). Questions should also be sent to GDB User Support.

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