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Human Genome News, November 1993: 5(4)

DOE OHER Funds Russian Research

The DOE Office of Health and Environmental Research (OHER) is providing small emergency grants from its Human Genome Program funds to 22 Russian research teams. These teams were identified last December through visits to a dozen institutions and interviews with more than 100 scientific groups in the Moscow, St. Petersburg, and Novosibirsk areas by David Galas (then head of OHER), Elbert Branscomb (Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory), and Raymond Gesteland (University of Utah). The grants are for $5000 a year except for one very large team receiving $30,000. To avoid bureaucratic delays, these funds go directly to investigators, with overhead allowances for their institutions.

'These excellent groups are contributing good scientific research at a very low cost,' said Marvin Stodolsky, coordinator for the DOE subprogram. 'We think is to the benefit of the United States, Russia, and the world that the teams maintain their integrity, and we are making a small contribution in that regard.' An extended report on efforts to fund Russian investigators can be found in Science 261, 1382 (September 10, 1993).

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