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Human Genome News, May 1994; 6(1)

Notes from HGMIS

DOE 1993 Program Report Available

The DOE Human Genome 1993 Program Report was published in March and is available to requesters. The report, a supplement to the red-covered 1991-92 report, contains information on DOE Human Genome Program management and centers as well as abstracts of DOE-funded research. Copies can be obtained from the Human Genome Management Information System (HGMIS) at bkq@ornl.gov.

Newsletter Receives Awards

HGMIS received awards for its publications in the 1994 competition sponsored by the Society for Technical Communication (STC).Human Genome News won an Award of Achievement, and the article "Researchers Report Mapping Progress" was given an Award of Merit at the presentation ceremony on February 23. STC chapters in North and South Carolina were responsible for judging the entries, which included 20 in the newsletter category and 116 overall.

HGN Conserving Resources

To save on distribution costs, Human Genome News is being sent by bulk mail to domestic and foreign subscribers. Beginning with the January issue, newsletters to foreign addresses are shipped by International Surface Air Lift (ISAL), in which bulk mail is flown from the United States for distribution overseas. ISAL promises reduced mailing costs and faster overseas delivery. Additional savings are realized by generating 9-digit zip codes from a U.S. Postal Serviceþapproved database. HGMIS would like to be informed of undue delays or inconsistencies in newsletter delivery.

DOE Primer Available on WWW

The full text and graphics of the Primer on Molecular Genetics are now available to millions of Internet users via the World Wide Web (WWW) at http://www.gdb.org/hopkins.html, as well as by Gopher to the Johns Hopkins University Computational Biology system at gopher.gdb.org [see HGN 5(3), 8 (September 1993)]. DOE program reports and current and back issues of Human Genome News are also accessible at the Gopher address.

Over 27,000 paper copies of the primer, produced by HGMIS, have been distributed since 1992. The primer, which is being extensively revised and updated, has been requested by such groups as secondary and college teachers, genetics counselors, medical schools, educational organizations, genome centers, biotechnology companies, and attendees at professional meetings. In great demand for genetics courses, the primer is also being used by the Project on Court-Adjudicated and Court-Ordered Health Care as a basis for constructing a judicial reference book [see HGN 5(6), 1-3 (March 1994)].

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