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Human Genome News, Jan.-Feb. 1995; 6(5): 11

Saccharomyces Database Available

The first public release from the Saccharomyces Genome Database (SacchDB) at Stanford University Genome Center is now available using ACEDB software for Macintosh and a variety of UNIX systems. Version 2.3 of SacchDB includes all Saccharomyces genes contained in the Registry of Gene Names on January 21; results of completed sequencing projects for chromosomes I, II, III, V, VIII, IX, and XI; physical maps; remapped Olson prime clones for the completed chromosomes; all Saccharomyces DNA sequences in GenBank release 86; literature references, most including abstracts; gene-protein product information from the yeast protein database; and genetic maps with underlying two-point tetrad data.

SacchDB is accessible via Internet (http://genome-www.stanford.edu) or Gopher to genome-gopher.stanford.edu (port 70). The complete ACEDB database for Macintosh or UNIX can be obtained via anonymous ftp from genome-ftp.stanford.edu (pub/yeast/SacchDB) or ncbi.nlm.nih.gov (repository/SacchDB). The file readme.installation should be retrieved first to determine files needed for a particular system. Suggestions or corrections (yeast-curator@genome.stanford.edu). [Contact: Mike Cherry (415/725-8956, Fax: /723-7016, cherry@genome.Stanford.edu).]

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