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Human Genome News Archive Edition

Human Genome News, April-June 1996; 7(6)

Large-Scale Functional Analysis of Yeast

RFA HG-96-001

The NIH National Center for HumanGenome Research (NCHGR) and the National Cancer Institute (NCI) have issued an RFA for research projects that will rapidly, comprehensively, and efficiently enrich the yeast sequence with biological information.Proposed projects should take advantage of the complete Saccharomyces cerevisiae sequence in new global approaches to studying biological phenomena important for human health and disease. These studies should be based on technologies that use and add value to the complete DNA sequence and are efficient, cost-effective, and scalable to the entire yeast genome.


General Genomic Research: Elise Feingold, NCHGR (301/496-7531, Fax: /480-2770,

Cancer-Related Research: Cheryl Marks, NCI (301/496-7028, Fax: /402-1037,

Due Dates

  • Letter of Intent: August 9, 1996
  • Application: September 6, 1996

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