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Human Genome News, April-June 1996; 7(6)

Genome Researchers Seek Cancer Gene

In a national effort, researchers in the Prostate Cancer Consortium, sponsored by the CaP CURE foundation, are building on the progress, accomplishments, and infrastructure of the Human Genome Project to find the gene for the most common cancer of American men. Prostate cancer caused an estimated 40,400 deaths in 1995, and 244,000 new cases were diagnosed.

Headed by Leroy Hood [University of Washington, Seattle (UWS)], an investigator in the Human Genome Project, the consortium's goals are to differentiate various forms of prostate cancer, determine the most effective methods of treatment for each, and eventually find a cure.

CaP CURE (Cure of Cancer of the Prostate) was founded in 1992 by Michael Milken after the former financier was diagnosed with the disease.

The consortium will identify and study families with an abnormally high incidence of prostate cancer, acquire and store high-quality prostate tissues for research, and support genetic and linkage studies leading to identification of the prostate cancer genes. Xenograft models will be used to develop extensive cDNA libraries of potential diagnostic and therapeutic compounds.

Participating consortium institutions and their research functions are listed below.

Tissue Banks: Dana Farber Cancer Institute, Boston; University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center, Houston; Washington University School of Medicine, St. Louis; and UWS

Epidemiology: Fred Hutchinston Cancer Center, Seattle

Genetic Mapping: Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center; Whitehead Institute MIT Center for Genome Research

Expression Mapping: UWS; University of California, Los Angeles

For more information on the consortium,contact Leroy Hood (206/616-5014, Fax: /685-7301, tawny@washington.edu)

[Anne Adamson, HGMIS]

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