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Human Genome News, January 1998; 9:(1-2)

Natural History of Genes Web Site

The Natural History of Genes Web site is designed to take cutting-edge science from the laboratory to the classroom (http://raven.umnh.utah.edu). It features inquiry-based projects to encourage investigation and application of scientific concepts, ways to confront student misconceptions about DNA science, and protocols for conducting science experiments. The site also includes core genetic teaching activities, enrichment activities for teachers and students, fun science projects to do at home, and recent press articles that report current findings.

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Human Genome Project 1990–2003

The Human Genome Project (HGP) was an international 13-year effort, 1990 to 2003. Primary goals were to discover the complete set of human genes and make them accessible for further biological study, and determine the complete sequence of DNA bases in the human genome. See Timeline for more HGP history.

Human Genome News

Published from 1989 until 2002, this newsletter facilitated HGP communication, helped prevent duplication of research effort, and informed persons interested in genome research.