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Human Genome News, January 1998; 9:(1-2)

A Question of Genes

A Question of Genes: Inherited Risks, a 2-hour PBS special produced by Noel Schwerin (NoelEye Documentaries), received rave ratings when it was aired in September 1997. It was recommended as the weekly top choice for viewing by several leading newspapers and magazines and won second prize in the San Luis Obispo Film Festival. Sponsored in part by the DOE Human Genome Program and SmithKline Beecham, the program featured seven stories exploring individual experiences with genetic testing and the resulting choices.

Video orders: http://www.backbonemedia.org/genes. A discussion guide to accompany each case history can be downloaded from Schwerin's Web site (http://www.Pbs.org/gene/educator/41_discussion.html) .

A print copy of the free educator's guide can be ordered from 800/991-1441 or through the extensive Web site, which contains many additional resources for teachers and genetic professionals.

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