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Human Genome Project

October 7, 1997

The MITRE Corporation
JASON Program Office
1820 Dolley Madison Blvd
McLean, Virginia 22102
(703) 883-6997

Study Leader:
S. Koonin

Contributors Include:
S. Block
J. Cornwall
W. Dally
F. Dyson
N. Fortson
G. Joyce
H. J. Kimble
N. Lewis
C. Max
T. Prince
R. Schwitters
P. Weinberger
W. H. Woodin


Also available: Comments on: JASON Report JSR 97-315, "Human Genome Project" (version circulated Dec. 1997) []


1.1 Overview of the Human Genome Project
1.2 Challenges for the Project 1.2.1 The complexity of genomic data
1.2.2 The state of technology
1.2.3 The pace of sequencing
1.2.4 The cost of sequencing
1.2.5 Project coordination
1.3 Study charge
1.4 Recommendations
1.4.1 General recommendations
1.4.2 Technology recommendations
1.4.3 Quality recommendations
1.4.4 Informatics recommendations


2.1 Improvements of present genomics technology
2.1.1 Electrophoresis improvements and an ABI users group
2.1.2 Algorithms
2.2 DOE's mission for advanced sequencing technology
2.2.1 Institutional barriers to advanced technology development
2.2.2 Purposes of advanced sequencing technology
2.3 Specific advanced technologies
2.3.1 Single-molecule sequencing
2.3.2 Mass-spectrometric sequencing
2.3.3 Hybridization arrays


3.1 Quality requirements
3.1.1 The diversity of quality requirements
3.1.2 Accuracy required for assembly
3.2 Verification protocols
3.2.1 Restriction enzyme verification of sequence accuracy
3.2.2 Hybridization arrays for sequence verification
3.2.3 Implementation of verification protocols
3.3 Assessing and improving present techniques
3.3.1 A systems approach is required
3.3.2 Gold standards for measuring sequence accuracy
3.3.3 Quality issues pertaining to sequencing templates


4.1 Introduction
4.2 Databases
4.2.1 User issues
4.2.2 Modularity and standards
4.2.3 Scaling and storage
4.2.4 Archiving raw data
4.2.5 Measures of success
4.3 Sociological issues

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Human Genome Project 1990–2003

The Human Genome Project (HGP) was an international 13-year effort, 1990 to 2003. Primary goals were to discover the complete set of human genes and make them accessible for further biological study, and determine the complete sequence of DNA bases in the human genome. See Timeline for more HGP history.

Human Genome News

Published from 1989 until 2002, this newsletter facilitated HGP communication, helped prevent duplication of research effort, and informed persons interested in genome research.