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Resilient home program

Following a natural disaster, the faster people can safely move back into their homes, the faster the community will recover its economic footing and its vitality.  With that in mind, DOE's Savannah River National Laboratory is managing the Resilient Home Program for the Department of Homeland Security’s Southeastern Region Research Initiative (SERRI) to enable community recovery following a natural disaster by dramatically speeding the return of the residents to their homes. 

Areas the program identified in which research and education are priority needs include mold assessment, response and mitigation; resilient rebuilding, to include new materials and retrofitting; resilient homes, to include incentive and certification programs; and technology transfer of new materials.

At the American Society for Microbiology annual meeting, SRNL’s Robin Brigmon presented results of a study conducted with Tuskeegee University on molds in post-flooding building materials and houses.

In addition, SRNL and partners Clemson University, North Carolina State University and the Army Corp of Engineers-Construction and Engineering Research Lab received funding from the program to research resilient rebuilding techniques, initiate the development of an incentive/certification program, and continue improving education.

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