Evan J. Granite Researcher’s award-winning work garners commercial interest

Evan J. Granite believes in keeping busy, and luckily, his role as a chemical engineer and research group leader at DOE's National Energy Technology Laboratory allows him to do so.  Specifically, he investigates the best way to remove mercury, arsenic, selenium, and carbon dioxide from flue and fuel gases in a cost-effective manner, thereby creating a cleaner environment.

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PPPL's Ninaad Desai Roadrunner models shock wave effects on materials at atomic scale

Because of the Roadrunner supercomputer’s unique capability, scientists are for the first time attempting to create atomic-scale models that describe how voids are created in materials, mostly metals, how they grow, and merge; how the materials may swell or shrink under stress; and how once broken bonds might reattach, and they’re doing it at size and time scales that approach those of actual experiments, so that the models can be validated experimentally.

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