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Vol.10, No.3-4   October 1999 

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SBIR 1999 Human Genome Awards Announced

The DOE Office of Biological and Environmental Research has announced six PhaseI and three PhaseII awards for 1999 in genome, structural biology, and related technologies topics of the Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) program. The highly competitive SBIR awards are designed to stimulate commercialization of federally funded research and development for the benefit of both the private and public sectors. SBIR emphasizes cutting-edge, high-risk research with potential for high payoff in hundreds of areas, including human genome research (contacts).

Phase I Awards

  • Atom Sciences, Inc. (Oak Ridge, Tennessee; Tom Whitaker): DNA Diagnostics Using Electrical Detection
  • CombiMatrix Corp. (Burlingame, California; Francis Rossi): Microarrays of Affinity Probes for the Analysis of Gene Products
  • CyberConnect Corp. (Storrs, Connecticut; Wally Grajewski): A Visual Data-Flow Editor Capable of Integrating Data Analysis and Database Querying
  • Genome Informatics Corp. (Oak Ridge, Tennessee; Doug Hyatt): Commercialization of the GRAIL EXP Gene-Discovery System
  • Physical Optics Corp. (Torrance, California; Tin Aye): Versatile Liquid Crystal Tunable Interference Filter for Chromosome Analysis
  • SymBiotech, Inc. (Wallingford, Connecticut; Edward Davis): Fluorescent-Based, High-Throughput Protein Kinase and Phosphatase Assays

Phase II Awards

  • Atom Sciences, Inc. (Oak Ridge, Tennessee; Tom Whitaker): A Quantitative Analytical Tool for Producing DNA-Based Diagnostic Arrays
  • Fidelity Systems, Inc. (Gaithersburg, Maryland; Sergei Kozyavkin): D-Strap DNA Sequencing Chemistry
  • MacConnell Research Corp. (San Diego, California; William MacConnell): Automated Purification of Blood or Bacterial Genomic DNA

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