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Vol.11, No. 3-4   July 2001

Genetic Testing, Genetic Counseling Resources

GeneTests and GeneClinics, companion resources on genetic counseling and testing for hereditary disorders, are freely available on the Web. In the past year, several new features and many disease profiles have been added.

http://www.genetests.org: Genetics Laboratory Directory: List of about 500 U.S. and international laboratories that are testing for some 820 diseases; searchable by a variety of parameters, including disease name, gene name, affected organ system, and others.

Genetics Clinic Directory: List of 950 U.S. genetics and prenatal diagnosis clinics; searchable by geography, population (age group), and subspecialty, if applicable.

About Genetic Services: Primer of educational materials about genetics counseling and testing; useful for consumers and nongeneticist healthcare providers.

Teaching Tools: Downloadable PowerPoint slide presentation on the availability and use of genetic services; suitable for genetics professionals to teach nongenetics health- care providers.

http://www.geneclinics.org: Contains 113 expert-authored and peer-reviewed full-text articles on specific hereditary diseases, as well as overviews on disease families. GeneClinics contains about 80 disease profiles and overviews.

The two resources gradually are becoming more integrated, with links from GeneClinics profiles to specific testing, counseling, and educational resources in GeneTests. GeneTest search results link to relevant GeneClinics profiles.

One-time registration is required for GeneTests (use the New Users button on the Home Page to register and select your passwords). [Contacts: genetests@genetests.org or geneclinics@geneclinics.org]

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