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Vol.11, No. 3-4   July 2001

Winners of Sloan Postdoctoral Fellowships Announced

Since 1995, the Sloan Foundation and DOE have jointly supported up to ten Postdoctoral Fellowships in Computational Molecular Biology each year. The program, which has been renewed for another 3 years, is aimed at catalyzing career transitions into computational molecular biology from physics, mathematics, computer science, chemistry, and related fields. See the Sloan Web site [http://www.sloan.org] for many other funding opportunities.

Winners of the competition that closed in February are shown below with their Ph.D. institution and field, postdoctoral institution, and sponsoring senior scientist.

Name PhD Field PhD Institution Postdoctoral Institution Sponsoring Senior Scientist
Joyce Duan Biochemistry Baylor College of Medicine University of California at Los Angeles David Eisenberg
Hugh MacMillan Applied Mathmatics University of Colorado University of California at San Diego Andrew McCammon
Jay Storz Biology Duke University University of Arizona Michael Nachman
Justin Fay Population Genetics University of Chicago University of California at Berkley Michael Eisen
Shayan Mukherjee Computational Neuroscience MIT Whitehead Institute Todd Golub
Duncan Odom Chemistry California Institute of Technology Whitehead Institute Richard Young

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