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Vol.9, No.3   July 1998

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New DOE Awards for Collaboration with JGI

Following two competitions, DOE awarded grants for collaborations with JGI. The awards, announced in February and March, went to investigators at universities, industries, and national laboratories to provide additional technologies, expertise, and resources for human genome research and functional genomics.

  • Jack Barber (Immusol Inc.) and Gerald Rubin (University of California, Berkeley): Grants for research on human gene function via use of ribozymes and comparison with Drosophila, respectively.
  • Edwin Bradbury (LANL): Integrated approach to functional genomics (phage display library).
  • Ron Davis (Stanford University), Trevor Hawkins (University of Florida, Gainesville), and Skip Garner (UTSWMC): Grants for instruments and technologies to increase sequencing efficiency and reduce costs.
  • Eric Lander (Whitehead Institute for Biomedical Research): Automated system to prepare DNA samples for sequencing and perform sequence-data analysis.
  • Ed Michaud and Tuan Vo-Dinh (Oak Ridge National Laboratory): Germline deletion complexes in embryonic stem cells for mapping gene function in mouse-human homology regions.
  • Lisa Stubbs (LLNL): Resource libraries (full-length mouse cDNAs).
  • F. William Studier, John Dunn, Joel Sussman, and Otto Ritter (Brookhaven National Laboratory): Systematic determination of archetypical structures for protein families.
  • David Torney (LANL): Annotation of coding DNA with protein domains.
  • Ed Uberbacher, Richard Mural, and Manesh Shah (ORNL): Computing infrastructure for large-scale functional annotation of DNA sequence.

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