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Vol.9, No.3   July 1998

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JASON Review of DOE Genome Program

Last year the DOE Office of Biological and Environmental Research invited an independent group of physicists and engineers (JASON group, run by Mitre Corporation) to review the technology, quality-control, and informatics components of the DOE Human Genome Program. The group released its first advisory report in January. Recommendations emphasize development of advanced technology; improvements in current technology; and establishment of a standardized, quantitative program for data-quality assessment.

A report summary by JASON member Steven Koonin (California Institute of Technology) and commentary were published in the January 2 issue of Science. A response by Phil Green (University of Washington) to specific points in the report was published in the February 20 issue of Science, and a more detailed commentary by Green is available on the Web [http://bozeman.genome.washington.edu/ScienceLetter/JasonComments.html].

The DOE Human Genome Program recently announced a Request for Applications for instrumentation research to develop substantial evolutionary improvements in current systems and novel revolutionary technologies for efficient genomic analyses. See article.

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